Testing Geographic Ads

Testing if your geographic targets are working has always been difficult. Maybe
you have asked a client or a few friends around the world to check if they can see
your ads a few times? You might even have spent hours trying to find a free
anonymous proxy that would actually work and let you test it out yourself,
albeit usually very slowly. Surely there must be an easier way?


WonderProxy is a wonderful paid service that provides HTTP proxies around the world.
In fact, they have fast and always available proxies in 113 locations! If this is
up your alley, head on over to
and check them out.

How It Works

You will configure your web browser to use an HTTP proxy, which is pretty easy.
Once that is done you simply view your web site with your web browser as you normally
would. The only difference is that the traffic is routed through the selected
proxy server.

Bonus Tip

Firefox users will want to check out the
Proxy Selector
add-on, which enables you to save proxies and easily switch between them.