How to Create a White Label Ad Server

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Sometimes, you might find a need to serve your ads from your own custom domain, and from a dashboard with your own unique company branding. Creating a white label ad server is easy with AdvertServe, and can be useful when you don’t want clients or site visitors to know you are serving your ads from a 3rd party service.

This type of ad server setup can be especially important if you choose to give your clients access to part of the AdvertServe dashboard, to allow them to generate their own advertising campaign reports, for example.

Steps for Creating your White Label Ad Server

The process of creating a white label ad server with AdvertServe involves two key steps:

1. Send us your creatives. We have packet with specific image templates that we require your creatives to conform to. By making sure your own logo and designs are the right sizes and specifications, you can ensure that your dashboard will look great to your visitors.

2. Create a CNAME record. In your domain settings, you need to create a CNAME record that points your domain or subdomain of choice back to your default AdvertServe subdomain. For example, if your website is called, you might choose to create and point it to your subdomain.

Once that’s done, let us know, and we’ll configure the necessary changes to complete this implementation.

As you can see, white labeling your AdvertServe dashboard to make it a part of your brand is simple and straightforward process. Talk to our success team today to learn how AdvertServe can meet your needs.

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