AdvertPro Version 3.5

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We are pleased to announce that AdvertPro version 3.5 has been released!

AdvertServe users have already been upgraded — please continue reading on to find out more about the new features and improvements.

AdvertPro users can obtain the update by
visiting our download site or
requesting an update installation
if you prefer to have us install the update. Remember, you’ll need to have an up to date support contract to receive this update, so
renew today!

Stay tuned to our blog for the next week or two as we’ll be releasing new tutorials on here as fast as we can write them to get
you up to speed with the new features.

VAST 2.0 Support

Complete support for VAST 2.0 enables painless integration with video players across all major platforms.
You’re now able to run
pre/mid/post-roll video ads
as well as
overlay banners
with any VAST 2.0 compliant Flash or HTML5 digital video player.

Please note that VAST 2.0 is only available to AdvertServe users. If you use the self-hosted version of AdvertPro and
are interested in VAST 2.0, please contact sales about switching to AdvertServe.
You’ll also gain a few more AdvertServe-only features such as CDN, Flash clickTAG repair and malware scanning.

Crawlers, Overlays and Page Peels

We’ve made several improvements to
overlays and
page peels
that we think you’ll be pleased with:

  • Crawlers now have an option to left or right align the banner, which works better for non-centered sites.
  • Overlays can now have an optional header and footer, which may include your logo, a continue link to your site
    or even a countdown timer to display the number of seconds before the overlay will close.
  • Page Peels are now able to be shown on the left or right side of the screen. The size of the large peel has
    been increased from 500×700 to 700×700 which makes a bit more room for text. It’s now also possible to anchor the
    page peel to a page element, so the page peel can sit on top of your page content rather than being far away in the
    corner of the browser window.

Improved Mobile Targeting

Mobile operating system targeting has been extended to allow you to further restrict campaigns to only show them to tablet users
or mobile phone users. This enables more precise device targeting. For example, you can now reach iPad users exclusively by
targeting tablet devices that are running iOS.

Display Multiple Ads

We’ve improved the Display Multiple Ads option with the new Best Fit layout, which allows you to mix together
multiple sizes of banners to fill a position. For example, you can have a 300×600 zone that would display a single 300×600,
two 120×600’s side-by-size or two 300×250’s stacked on top of each other. This is a great way to gradually transition into
the new 300×600 size, which is gaining popularity.

Simplified Chain Management

Chains are a great feature, but they’ve always been difficult to visualize. To solve this we’re now sorting campaign assignments
by chain from highest to lowest. When you look at the campaign assignments for a zone, you’re now going to see your campaigns in
the order that they’ll actually be shown.

New Browser/OS Macros

You can use the new %%BROWSER%% and %%OS%% macros to pass browser and operating system names
to third-party ad servers.

Faster Report Loading

When generating a long report it used to be that it could take several seconds before the report would start loading.
This was due to the fact that the report didn’t start downloading to your computer until it was completely generated on the
server. We’re now streaming reports to your computer as they’re being generated, which means less time waiting.


We’d love to hear from you. Seriously, don’t hesitate to contact support
if you have questions about any of the new features and improvements.

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