Mobile Friendly Interstitials

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Mobile Friendly Interstitials

Earlier this year Google started giving SEO penalties to mobile sites that display large
interstitial ads, which we advised
about at the end of last year.

New Information

We are now aware that the penalty is only invoked if you display mobile interstitials
that exceed 100 pixels in height on the first page view of a users browsing session.

What To Do

In light of this new information we decided to add a new Mobile Friendly
option for the crawler, lightbox, overlay and shoutbox effects which are all
different types of interstitials that you might have deployed on your mobile
sites. If you have a mobile site and you currently display interstitials that
exceed 100 pixels in height we recommend you update your settings to enable this
new option. Once enabled it stops those large interstitials from showing on the
first page view, so they will only show on the second or subsequent page views.

To set this new Mobile Friendly option you will need to navigate to the
Settings > Basic > Code Wizard page. Then scroll down to the Crawler Effect
options. You will see the Mobile Friendly option which should be changed to Yes
to enable it.

Mobile Friendly Option

Repeat this step for the Lightbox Effect, Overlay Effect and Shoutbox Effect
and then press the Save Changes button. No other steps are necessary. The change will
be reflected immediately on your site once saved without needing to change any coding.

Final Thoughts

Don’t have a mobile site yet? If you do not have a mobile site changing these options will
not help you much as you are already getting buried in mobile search results due to your
site not being mobile friendly. You could consider checking out the AMP
project. It’s a great way to build a fast and user-friendly mobile site.

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