Regulatory Compliance

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Regulatory Compliance

Many advertisers in the financial and health care industries have to be mindful
of ensuring their ads are compliant with regulatory laws. This can include
restrictions that prohibit their ads from being shown to users in certain countries
or within content about certain topics. Sometimes it can simply be a matter of
brand safety as advertisers may not want their ads to appear alongside content
that they may consider to be offensive or bad for their corporate image.

Is This New?

It has always been possible to apply geographic targets and keyword blocking to
advertisers campaigns in order to achieve regulatory compliance. However, that
process is both error-prone and time consuming. It’s all too easy to forget to
apply targets, mistakes can be made with data entry and since the rules must be
duplicated to each of an advertisers campaigns it can be difficult to keep them
in sync when changes are needed.

The Solution

To solve these problems we’ve added new regulatory compliance options for
advertiser accounts. Those options are then automatically applied to all
of an advertisers campaigns. Meaning you enter the rules once, in one place
and you can be sure no campaign is left out. Dealing with regulatory changes also
becomes much easier since rules only need to be edited once.

How It Works

When creating or editing an advertiser account simply scroll down the page and
you will see the new Regulatory Compliance options appear as they do in
the following screenshot:

Regulatory Compliance Option

Excluded Countries

For advertisers that are prohibited from showing their ads to users in certain countries
simply select and move the applicable countries into the Excluded Countries box
and their campaigns will be blocked from showing in those countries.

Keyword Blacklist

Implementing a keyword blacklist is even easier. Simply copy/paste your list of
undesirable keywords or phrases into the box. Just make sure to only enter one
keyword or phrase per line. For more help with specialized keyword syntax, click the (?)
icon above the field for examples and further guidance.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes change is a good thing and we hope that this new way of addressing regulatory
compliance helps you to avoid mistakes and save some time!

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