Version 5.0
AdvertServe User Manual :: v5.0

BannerFlow Click Tracking

Note Note

Manually making the changes documented here to activate click tracking is no longer necessary. As of version 3.0 the ad server will automatically make these changes for you when creating or editing a media. These examples are only provided as a reference so you can see if a particular code format is recognized or not. Please submit unrecognized codes to support for addition to our automated processing rules.

Original Code

You should have received some code from BannerFlow that looks like the following:

<script src="//"></script>

Modified Code

No changes need to be made to the above code! If you have a code that is missing the targeturl and cb parameters it may not have been exported correctly.

Please ensure that you select the AdvertServe integration when exporting code from BannerFlow.

Tip Tip

Can't click on your banner or it doesn't redirect anywhere? You may not have defined a Target URL for your banner when creating it in BannerFlow since it's not required. Edit your banner in the BannerFlow system and set a Target URL to resolve the problem.