Version 5.0
AdvertServe User Manual :: v5.0

SiteScout Click Tracking

Note Note

Manually making the changes documented here to activate click tracking is no longer necessary. As of version 3.0 the ad server will automatically make these changes for you when creating or editing a media. These examples are only provided as a reference so you can see if a particular code format is recognized or not. Please submit unrecognized codes to support for addition to our automated processing rules.

JavaScript Code

Original Code

You should have received some JavaScript code from SiteScout with macro placeholders that looks like the following:

<script language="JavaScript" src="[CACHE-BUSTING-ID-HERE]&sid=[SUB-ID-HERE]&xurl=[ENCODED-URL-HERE]&cm=[CLICK-MACRO-URL-HERE]"></script>

Modified Code

What you need to do is replace the placeholders within the URL in the <SCRIPT> tag as shown by the highlighted changes:

<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

Note Note

Don't worry if the tag you received doesn't contain all of the macro placeholders or any placeholders at all because the ad server will detect that they are missing and add them automatically when the media is created.