Sometimes, when looking to try out a new ad server or experimenting with a new creative design option, you might want to see what the creative looks like live without actually installing it on your website.

This might be because of the technical effort required to add the code to your site, or out of concern that the creative won’t look just right and might still need to be tweaked. 

Here’s a quick tip for you that will come in handy when you need to quickly test out a zone code.

  1. Visit this website:
  2. Paste your zone code into the HTML box in the upper left corner
  3. Press the Run button and your banner will appear in the preview box in the bottom right corner
  4. If you press the Run button again it will reload the zone code and you should see a different banner

Bonus tip:

If you click on the Save button and then click on the Share button it will give you a permalink (like this one), which you can then send to someone else to enable them to test out the zone code as well.