How to Create a Video Ad in AdvertServe

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AdvertServe’s powerful video options are one of the most common reasons publishers choose the platform as their ad server over platforms like Google DFP.

Video ads allow you to deliver longer, more compelling content to your viewers, and often can be sold as a premium to your advertisers. It’s a great option to have in your website monetization strategy, and with AdvertServe, it’s available to you right out of the box.

Here’s how to create a video ad:

1. Visit the “Media” page in your dashboard’s top menu, and then click “Add New Media”.

2. Assign the usual details to your meida, like a name, an advertiser, and the dimension of your ad.

3. From the “Type” dropdown that says “Graphic Banner” by default, select the “Video Banner” option. Note that there are many different options nested under a bold “Banner” section, because all these different options get treated exactly like regular banners in AdvertServe. (Don’t confuse it with VAST Video, they’re different)

4. By selecting the “Video Banner” option, you’ll notice that furhter down the page you have some new options – an area to upload your video file and a single still image that serves as a thumbnail for the video if it doesn’t auto play.

Note that during the video upload process AdvertServe offers you the option to generate a thumbnail from the video itself, either from the very middle of the video, or from a specific point in the video that you specify. You can always upload a custom thumbnail though, like is common in many YouTube videos.

5. Press the green “upload file” button, which will bring up a popup where you can select the video from your computer to upload – press the “Upload New Video” from the top right corner to actually select the file. It’s at this stage that you’ll actually select when the screenshot should be taken.

uploading a video ad to your ad server

Keep in mind that AdvertServe charges an additional bandwidth fee for videos, due to the large amount of data they consume when being displayed. So it is best to keep your video files as small as possible while still maintaining quality, in order to reduce costs.

6. You’re almost done! You just need to specify the redirect URL, which is where a user will be sent to when they click on the ad, and whether it should open in a new tab (Target Frame: _blank). For video ads, you can also decide whether they should auto play or be muted by default.

video banner ad example with background

Finally, there are a few styling options you have – you can add a background image behind the video to add additional style to it, as well as a custom button that can add a call to action to your ad. Combined, you might end up with something that looks like this:

That’s it, you can now create your media using the bottons on the bottom right of the page, or even preview it immediately to see what it looks like.

Now that you’ve created this media, it can be associated with any campaign that’s associated with the same Advertiser. You can even combine different media types, like a banner ad and a video ad, in the same campaign.

Video Ad Reporting

The advanced reporting capabilities offered by AdvertServe are particularly powerful. AdvertServe can let you know in real time just how much of the video is being played, along with the usual impressions and clicks that get tracked for other media types.

When generating a report for your campaign, be sure to enable the “Interactive” and “Events” metrics, which will give you powerful insights into your video campaign.

You can see the cumulitive time people watched the video, track the percentage of people who made it through 25%, 50%, and 75% of the video, and how many people completed the whole thing (“Completed Events”). You can even see if they paused, unmuted, replayed, or expanded the video to full screen.

As you can see, creating a video ad in AdvertServe is a breeze, while providing you with powerful metrics into every aspect of your video’s performance.

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