AdvertServe Cloud Ad Server Solution

HTML5 Banner Demo

Recommended HTML5 Tools

Many other tools are available and custom coding HTML5 banners with animation frameworks such as CreateJS or GreenSock is also great way to go.

Permitted File Types

HTML5 assets should be bundled into a single ZIP file (max 2.5 MB) containing exactly one .html file.

It may also contain any number of the following types of files, which can optionally be organized into sub-folders: .css, .eot, .gif, .htc, .ics, .jpg, .js, .json, .otf, .svg, .png, .ttf, .woff and .woff2

Click Tracking Methods

We support the emerging window.clickTag standard for tracking clicks on HTML5 banners. For guidance, please visit There you will find instructions for manually implementing a clickTag as well as a visual guide for Adobe Edge users.

However, implementing a clickTag is not necessary! We will automatically insert a clickTag if one is not detected.


This HTML5 banner has been created with GreenSock, which is a complete animation platform. It also uses our HTML5 JavaScript API extensively. The functionality driven by our API includes expanding into a lightbox, tracking multiple counter events, multiple exit links and also a tracking the playback rate of an HTML5 video.

Check out this test page to see all of the tracking points and feel free to download the creative files to see how it all works.


Who says banners need to whisk users off to another web site? Here is a unique HTML5 banner that was designed with Webflow and it enables users to set a reminder to watch a TV show on their calendar while also using our HTML5 JavaScript API to track how many users are converted.

Check out this test page to see all of the tracking points and feel free to download the creative files to see how it all works.

Adobe Edge

This HTML5 banner has been created with Adobe Edge, which is the premier tool for creating interactive and animated HTML5 banners.

Tumult Hype

This HTML5 banner has been created with Tumult Hype, which is a capable and affordable HTML5 design tool.


This HTML5 banner has been created with BannerFlow, which is a web-based tool that makes creating and deploying HTML5 banner so easy anyone can do it.

The good folks over at BannerFlow are graciously offering a 15% discount to AdvertServe customers, which you can obtain by using the discount code advertservesaver15 when upgrading to a paid account.


Once you have created a HTML5 banner with BannerFlow it's easy to get it up and running with AdvertServe. Unlike other HTML5 solutions there aren't dozens of files that you need to deal with and there are no weird instructions for how to hack click tracking into them. BannerFlow integrates with AdvertServe via a familiar ad serving tag, making it a painless process to both deploy your shiny new HTML5 banner and track clicks on it.

Example Tag

Here's an example tag, which is easily generated via the integration wizard in BannerFlow and as you can see it already has the necessary AdvertServe macros in place for click tracking and cache busting.

<script src="//"></script>
Integration Guide

For more information about the process, please check out the integration guide over at BannerFlow that steps you through the process of generating a tag in BannerFlow and setting it up as a media in AdvertServe.

Google Web Designer

This HTML5 banner has been created with Google Web Designer, which is a free tool that makes it easy to visually design HTML5 banners while still producing code that is easy to modify by hand.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out as we'd love to hear from you. Get Started Today!