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Ad Server Technology

Power your direct ad sales and run sophisticated ad campaigns with a versatile set of tools and features that can power any type of monetization need – from single websites to entire networks.

Advanced Targeting

Target your ads to visitors based on geotargeting, contextual content keywords, audience demographics,
and more.

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Powerful Ad Options

Load ads quickly and support a variety of styles, and all IAB dimensions and designs, as well as video. Infinitely customizable to suit your every need. 

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Real Time Reporting

Get accurate reports by the minute with improved accuracy capabilities so you and your clients know exactly what is working.

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Two Ways to Serve

Two dashboard options let you run ad campaigns your way

Go Express

Monetize your website with our AVS Express dashboard that harnesses the power of AdvertServe while offering a simplified self-serve ad dashboard with built-in billing support. 

Save time and seamlessly bill clients for their ads with a blazing fast experience that will cut down hours of campaign management busywork and allow you to focus on creating content and making more sales.

Go Pro

Used by publishers, agencies, and networks to serve billions of impressions every month, AdvertServe Pro features a robust array of ad server tools that are infinitely customizable for any possible use-case. 

Boasting advance targeting capabilities including keyword and contextual targeting, device targeting, and even audience demographic targeting, as well as advanced and detailed reporting capabilities, AdvertServe Pro is your solution for creating a powerful ad-serving system for your specific needs.

Perfect for WordPress

AdvertServe seamlessly integrates with any type of website or CMS, including WordPress websites. AJAX ad loading capabilities means ads can load asynchronously without affecting your site’s speed.

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Versatile Api

AdvertServe’s powerful, well documented ad server API allows you to extend the functionality of the core platform. Automate reports. Build custom interfaces. Integrate with your existing systems. There’s no limit to your capabilities. 

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Dedicated Support

We personally commit to your success, helping you get set up, solve any technical issues, and optimize your setup. We are constantly adding new features to meet your needs and evolving technology.

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A Leading Choice for 20+ Years

Amazing level of support – I have been using AdvertServe for more than 10 years now

AdvertServe has helped us troubleshoot tricky integrations, and provided rock solid ad delivery. We’ve only had one outage in all the time we worked together, and it was quickly cleared up.

Highly recommended.

Jules S.

With AdvertServe, I’m able to monetize my website making me less dependent upon Google’s product.

I particularly appreciate the personalized customer support. I’ve been a user for about 15 year

Tory J.

The Latest in Ad Server Strategy

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How to Create a Video Ad in AdvertServe

AdvertServe's powerful video options are one of the most common reasons publishers choose the platform as their ad server over platforms like Google DFP. Video ads allow you to deliver longer, more compelling content to your viewers, and often can be sold as a premium...

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