AdvertServe combines everything you need into a unified ad serving platform for web, mobile, e-mail, and video.

Increase your revenue

Wow your advertisers and create new revenue streams with premium creative formats that drive results and integrate easily into your web site.

Serve 20% more impressions

Take advantage of smart auto-refresh technology to boost in-view impressions without negatively impacting your click or viewability rates.

Improve ad viewability

Below-the-fold ads can ruin your viewability if you serve them on page load! Turn on lazy-loading with a single click and stop wasting time on other strategies that don't work.

Over 30,000 sites have relied on AdvertServe since 1998. That is why we have heavily invested in global data centers, DNS, and CDN along with AI-powered monitoring and self-healing software to provide a guarantee of 99.995% uptime.

Proudly in business ince 1998 with customers in over 60 countries
Increase your revenue with AdvertServe and RTB demand

Maximize revenue with header bidding or tap the AdvertServe Select SSP to fill 100% of your unsold inventory at the highest market rates with unparalleled RTB demand from 12+ unique sources.

Built-in support for video streaming and VAST/VPAID makes AdvertServe a complete video powerhouse and we're compatible with all major HTML5 video players.

Supporting VAST/VPAID in style with JWPlayer, Brightcove, Kalture, and Video.js
Real-time reporting with built-in viewability measurement and IVT filtering

Real-time reporting is nice to have, but AdvertServe ups the ante by going beyond just views and clicks with 58 distinct metrics and includes IVT filtering to improve accuracy by blocking non-human activity.

Fastest asynchronous ad tags
99.995% uptime guaranteed
Dozens of built-in ad formats
Dynamic HTML5/VPAID creatives
Third-party ad tags
Real-time reporting
White-label domains and UI
Fully HTTPS/SSL compliant
CDN included at no extra cost
E-mail and phone support
Brand protection
Contextual targeting
Geographic targeting
Weather targeting
IVT filtering
Video streaming
RTB inventory backfilling
Viewability measurement
Complete API
Wordpress and CMS compatible

Need a feature that we don't have? Our development team is always ready to tackle new projects and customizations. Contact sales to find out how we can help build what you need.