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Ad Serving Privacy Policy

Please visit the AdvertServe Privacy Shield web site to review our ad serving privacy policy and manage your advertising preferences.

Web Site Privacy Policy

Contact and Billing Information

When you submit an inquiry or place an order through our web site, Renegade Internet requests information such as contact information, billing information, and other broad demographic information. The contact information that you provide may be used to send requested information to you or to fulfil an order that you've placed. Billing information, which is always kept in a secure environment, is used for the sole purpose of billing you for products and services. Other broad demographic information is used purely for internal purposes, for example we may ask you how you heard about our products and services to gain insight about how to focus our marketing better.


Renegade Internet uses anonymous cookies, which contain no personally identifiable information, on this web site to facilitate logging into our chat and support ticket systems. Cookies are also used in the demonstrations and examples on this site. Those cookies are governed by our ad serving privacy policy, which can be viewed on the AdvertServe Privacy Shield web site.

Internet Protocol Address

Renegade Internet uses Internet protocol (IP) addresses to verify the geographic locations that inquiries and orders originate from in an effort to protect ourselves from fraud and our customers from information theft.


Renegade Internet uses User-Agent to determine Device Type (i.e. Desktop, Tablet or Mobile), Browser, Operating System and Language Preferences.


This site may contain links to other sites. Renegade Internet is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of those sites. Please contact us if you find that this site links to another site with offensive content or poor privacy practices and we will remove the link.