Getting started with AdvertServe is easy and you can have ads up and running in a day!

Step 1: Define your ad zones

1. Define your ad zones

The purpose of ad zones is twofold: they define the inventory that you have available to sell and they also segment your ad space to allow precise placement control and deeper reporting insights.

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Step 2: Sell your inventory

2. Sell your inventory

Sell your ad space on a CPM, CPC, CPA or flat rate basis. We take no commissions on your direct ad sales! Just pay us a small ad serving fee based on how many impressions you serve.

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Step 3: Create your campaigns

3. Book your campaigns

Our media and campaign wizards make it easy to upload your ads, test that they are working correctly and define campaign goals, scheduling, prioritization and complex targeting rules.

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Step 4: Maximize your revenue

4. Maximize your revenue

Haven't sold all of your available inventory? Not to worry! AdvertServe supports header bidding with Prebid.js as well as working with third-party ad networks to fill your unsold inventory.

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Step 5: Publish your ads

5. Publish your ads

Our code wizard enables you to quickly generate batches of asynchronous ad serving tags, which you simply copy and paste into your web pages in your designated ad spaces.

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Step 6: Measure Performance

6. Measure performance

Unlike our competitors, AdvertServe reports are updated once a minute instead of once an hour or once a day. With this level of insight you'll be optimizing your campaigns like you never thought possible!

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