Magic Banners

Create awesome HTML5 banners without coding using visual tools and just a touch of magic.

More than just a media type, the magic banner is a robust visual tool that allows you to create animated HTML5 banners with little or no coding.

Magic Banner Editor The magic banner runtime includes a massive collection of 60 transition effects, which are implemented with CSS3 keyframes so they are hardware accelerated and super smooth as a result. This also means that magic banners degrade automatically in older browsers such as IE7/8. The need to create a separate fallback banner is completely eliminated, which is a huge time saver!

Of course, the really amazing part is that the HTML, CSS and JavaScript that makes up the magic banner runtime is minified and GZIP compressed to only 8K! It also intelligently pre-loads images a frame in advance to minimize the initial load time and maximize bandwidth efficiency. In non-geekspeak that translates to your HTML5 banners loading up to 6x faster than if they were created with the other guys heavyweight frameworks.

Lake Chelan Wine Valley

This banner utilizes image overlays for beautiful text as well as custom animation timings on the last frame to make the images slide at different velocities.

10 requests, 6.47K sent, 120.27K received (47.01K initial)

San Andreas (Movie)

Here a simple pan and zoom transition is combined with a sliding image to create a parallax effect, which gives a real sense of movement to the viewer.

8 requests, 5.25K sent, 111.42K received (71.63K initial)


Believe it or not, this whimsical banner is composed of just a background image and a button image -- zero coding required.

4 requests, 2.70K sent, 80.97K received (72.27K initial)


  • The magic banner is typically the size of a standard banner, but custom sizes can be created if desired.
  • All 60 effects are implemented with CSS3 keyframes so they are hardware accelerated and very smooth.
  • In older browsers the frames are simply swapped without the fancy special effect, so it degrades nicely with a similar user experience.
  • The animation loop count defaults to infinite, but can also be configured to play once, twice or up to 10 times.
  • The visual HTML editor makes it easy to add image or text overlays, font icons and call to action buttons but you can also manually edit the HTML to create more advanced scenes.

Graphic Formats

Magic banners are composed of one or more frames (up to 10) with images in any of the following formats:

  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PNG

The HTML source code for each frame is fully editable, so you can add image or text overlays or tweak the HTML and CSS as needed.

Some restrictions do apply: APPLET, EMBED, OBJECT, IFRAME and SCRIPT tags are not permitted.


Deploying magic banners on your web site couldn't be easier. They drop right into your existing banner zones. There is no special coding required to be done by you or your advertisers!

CDN Included

No need to upload any of the assets for your banner to a separate CDN since we put everything on our CDN automatically at no additional charge to you.