Personalized Banner

Increase relevancy by personalizing creatives with geographic and weather data!

This HTML5 banner utilizes both geographic and weather data macros to display a weather-themed video and imagery along with the visitors location and current weather.

It also uses our HTML5 JavaScript API to track custom counter, exit, and video events. Check out this test page to see all of the tracking points and feel free to download the creative files to see how it all works. Take note that our test page also allows you to simulate different geographic locations and weather conditions!

Go further with retargeting!

Another option for personalizing creatives is to utilize retargeting data. Import an advertisers entire product catalog into our retargeting database as segments and attach data to them such as product names, prices, image URLs, and landing pages. Your HTML5 creatives can then use our JavaScript API to fetch a JSON array of the relevant product data for each visitor.

Available Data

  • Browser + OS
  • Device Type
  • Geographic Location
  • Language Preference
  • Retargeting Data
  • Weather Data


Creating personalized HTML5 ads couldn't be easier. Just place one of our macros, such as $$GEO_CITY$$ into your HTML5 or JavaScript code. Our macro engine takes care of the rest and replaces it with the visitors city name!


Deploying HTML5 ads can be a complicated process with other ad servers, but with AdvertServe you simply upload a ZIP file containing all of your HTML5 assets and they get uploaded to our CDN automatically.