Smoke Screen

The smoke screen can appear over top of any page element, such as article content or an image and remains visible until you either click the close button or wait for it to automatically disappear after the configurable 15 second timeout.


  • By default the smoke screen is automatically closed after 15 seconds, but you can adjust this from 1 to 900 seconds.
  • The smoke screen will adjust to fit ads of varying sizes and orientation.
  • The smoke screen can easily be made responsive to show appropriately sized ads to desktop/laptop users, mobile phone users and tablet users for a better user experience.

Media Support

  • Graphic banners (GIF/JPG/PNG)
  • Flash banners
  • HTML5 banners
  • Custom HTML banners, including forms with CSS and JavaScript
  • Third-Party banners from agencies and ad networks such as Atlas, DoubleClick, MediaMind, PointRoll, Zedo and most others


Deploying smoke screens on your web site couldn't be easier. Our code wizard will generate all of the HTML code for you. All you have to do is copy and paste that code into the bottom of your web page near the </body> tag.

The code wizard also gives you the option to adjust the auto-close timeout if the default 15 seconds is not suitable.


  • Smoke screens are best implemented with custom-sized banners since they will typically need to be sized to match the width and possibly also the height of the content they are covering up.
  • It's possible to achieve compliance with the Better Ads standards by not exceeding 30% of the vertical screen height.
  • We recommend to avoid serving smoke screen ads to tablet and mobile phone users in order to provide the best possible browsing experience.
  • To make the smoke screen a bit more polite you can optionally set it to disable itself for the remainder of the current browsing session if a visitor clicks the close button.

Advanced Techniques

Close Button

Don't like the default close button? You can change it by going to Settings > Basic > Code Wizard

Close Callback Function

The ability to include a JavaScript callback function in custom creatives is useful to stop audio or video from playing promptly when the smokescreen is closed by the user:

<script type="text/javascript">
function smokescreenCloseCallback() {
// your custom close logic here...

Remember this needs to be a global function in order for it to be visible to the smokescreen wrapper code. Using this callback is not necessary with HTML5 banners or video banners. Those types of banners are designed to destroy any audio/video components upon closing so they stop playing automatically.