Text Ads

Serve up text ads with style

Have a leaderboard or sidebar space that you want to fill with a block of text ads? AdvertServe is able to display multiple ads in a row, column or grid layout with a single banner code. Plus if that doesn't impress you, we also prevent duplicates and you can even reserve specific positions for important advertisers while rotating others through the rest of the positions!

For guidance on the best way to format your text ads with HTML and CSS, please see the best practices chapter in our user manual.

Use Cases

Text ads are a great solution when you want to seamlessly blend advertising together with your page content.

  • Can simply be a plain text link
  • For a more polished look you can style text links with HTML and CSS

Coding Standards

  • HTML
  • CSS


Deploying text ads on your web site couldn't be easier. Our code wizard will generate all of the HTML code for you. All you have to do is copy and paste that code into your web page where you would like the text ads to appear!