Geographic Targeting and Reporting

Serve localized ads to visitors in their local language for better results!

Precisely geo-targeted ads are more relevant and will generate more conversions. Better results mean you can command premium CPM rates from your advertisers.

With geographic targeting and reporting by continent, country, state/province, city, postal/zip code, and designated market area you can offer your advertisers both global reach and local reach.

Geographic Targeting and Reporting

You might be wondering, just how does geographical targeting work? Well, it's quite simple really and more importantly it all happens in a fraction of a second! The following steps explain how the process works from start to finish:

  1. Visitor arrives on your web site
  2. The IP address of the visitor is determined
  3. The ad server translates their IP address to an actual geographic location through the use of a geographic mapping database, which contains a virtual map of the Internet by IP addresses
  4. Targeted ads are then evaluated
  5. Visitor is served a targeted ad

What about visitor privacy? Absolutely no personal information is collected or stored about your visitors. This mapping technology is completely non-invasive and as a result will not violate the privacy rights of your visitors in any way.