Ad Server API: Making Bulk Changes

Ad Server API

The Problem

Your advertiser has just e-mailed to inform you that they have acquired a shorter domain name. They would like you to change all of their ads to redirect to the new, shorter domain name. So, you log in to AdvertServe, go the media listing, filter it by their advertiser account and as you were fearing they have around a hundred banners in total.

Editing each of those media to change the redirect is not only going to be time consuming, it’s going to be error-prone because you could easily miss one of them in the process.

API to the Rescue!

Why not use the API to make all of the changes for you? It can take care of them in a matter of seconds. You just have to create a quick script that does the following:

  1. Query the API for a list of Flash banner media owned by the advertiser
  2. Do a search/replace for the domain name on each banner media
  3. Use the API to update the media with the new URL value

This is just a simple example of how the API can save you time by performing a repetitive task for you. To learn more, check out the API documentation for extensive instructions on each aspect of the API’s components.

Remember, the API can work with any programming language! Feel free to use Java, PHP, Ruby or whatever you’re most comfortable coding in.

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