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Testing Geographic Ads

Testing if your geographic targets are working has always been difficult. Maybe
you have asked a client or a few friends around the world to check if they can see
your ads a few times? It might take days for them to get back to you. You might
even have spent hours trying to find a free anonymous proxy that would actually
work and let you test it out yourself. Perhaps you are even paying for a proxy
service that’s supposed to be fast, but let’s face it: they will never be as fast
as your Internet connection. Surely there must be a better way?

AdvertServe Geo Testing

Chrome and Firefox Extension

Yes, folks, you read that correctly. We have created an easy to use browser
extension for Chrome and Firefox that lets you test your ads from different
locations with just a few clicks. Why are we so excited to announce this?

  1. It does not use proxy servers!
  2. No endless changing of your browser settings
  3. You can even use it to test most third-party ads
  4. It is absolutely free to our customers

How It Works

You might be asking yourself, how did we pull this one off? Well, to put it into
simple terms, this extension makes your browser pretend to be a proxy server in
the location you specify. This means that your computer is connecting directly
to the web site that you are testing. As a result, it is going to be blazing
fast and always available no matter what location you choose to test.

Get It Now

I know, you can’t wait to get your hands on this. Just click the link below for your browser and follow the prompts to install.

Using another browser? Let us know in the comments and if there is sufficient
demand we may port this extension to work with them!


After installation you will see a new icon has been added to the upper right
corner of your Chrome or Firefox toolbar. It looks like the Earth, go figure right?
Click on that icon and you will see a dialog box that looks like the following picture:

AdvertServe Geo Testing

From there you can probably figure how it works, but here is what you do:

  1. Check the box labled Enable Geo Headers
  2. Select the Simulated Location that you wish to test from
  3. For certain countries you may also select a more specific region

Once the simulated location is set you simply browse around your web site. You
should see ads that are targeted at the location you selected. Need to test
another location? Easy, just select it and refresh the page you are on.
When you are all done, simply go back and uncheck the Enable Geo Headers box.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this browser extension makes your job a little easier and perhaps even
a little more enjoyable. I know we have been using it quite a bit already to
address support issues. That was not our intended goal, but why not? Now that
this tool is available and so easy to use you have no excuse not to test.

Start Your Free Trial

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