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In Case You Missed It

Several months ago we made an announcement that Google
has teamed up with the Coalition for Better Ads and
warned that non-compliant sites would face ad blocking in Chrome starting on February 15, 2018
(see details).

Good News

The most frustrating aspect of this situation has been that Google still has not reviewed many sites for compliance,
which has left a lot of publishers wondering if their site is compliant or not. We have some good news for you. Yesterday
the Coalition for Better Ads
that they have opened enrollment for the Better Ads Experience Program. This means that you can now work directly with
Better Ads to review and certify your site. In addition to that, Google has agreed not to filter ads on sites that have
received certification from the program. We applaud Google for this decision to commit to open standards, which we believe
is critical to protect the freedom of the Internet and ensure a fair ecosystem for all publishers.

How To Enroll

Interested publishers can learn more about the Better Ads Experience Program and the registration process at

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