What is an Expandable Banner?

Expandable banners initially have the appearance of a standard banner. For the
sake of an example, consider that you have a 728×90 banner sitting at the top
of your site. Now, suppose you hover your mouse over that banner and suddenly it
expands downward to reveal a much larger 728×400 banner with additional details
about the offer. That is essentially how an expandable banner works. It takes
a standard banner space that you already have and turns it into a much larger
space in a very efficient manner that does not require any juggling of content.

Live Example

The following example is a 468×60 banner that expands to 468×270 on desktop/tablet or a 300×50 banner that expands to 300×250 on mobile.
Typically a 970×90 or 728×90 is used for desktop. I’m only using the smaller size here since this blog is not wide enough to accommodate
those larger sizes.

Creating an Expandable Banner

Already know how to create a graphic banner with AdvertServe? The process for
creating an expandable banner is very similar. In fact, the only difference is
that you have two images with an expandable banner. One image is for the initial
banner and the second image is the larger expanded version.

  1. Go to Media and create a new media.

    • Give your media a name and select the advertiser to associate it with.
    • Select Expandable Banner for the media type.
    • The size you choose will depend on the size of your banner zone,
      but for lack of space on this blog I am going to use a 300×300 banner that expands
      to a larger 560×600 banner.
    • Next you need to upload the Small Image and Large Image using the provided fields.
    • Then you will want to enter a Redirect URL for the banner, which is simply a link
      to the offer on the advertisers web site.
    • The last required step is to enter the Expanded Width and Expanded Height of the banner, which in my case
      again is 560×600.
    • Optionally you can choose the Open Direction in which the banner will expand. This
      is generally dictated by your banner position. If your banner is at the top of
      the page you want to have it expand down. On the other hand, if it is on the
      left side of the page you want to have it expand to the right. For this example,
      again due to the layout of this blog, mine will expand to the right.
  2. You’ll obviously want to set up a campaign next to schedule your expandable banner media
    to run in a zone on your live web site, but for the purpose of this example we’ll skip
    those extra steps.
  3. Once your media has been created you can preview it in the control panel to see how it shows up.
  4. To test your media out on an actual page, simply click on the Generate Code link
    found in the upper right corner of the media preview page. From there select the type
    of code you want. In most cases the HTML code is the best choice. Then simply copy and
    paste that code into your test page where you would like the banner to appear.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the expandable banner is yet another tool that you can deploy
to increase the earnings potential of your web site. There is a fine line between
too much ad space and too little content space. The expandable banner can help you
break through that barrier by not taking up any more content space than a standard
banner. Plus, since zero coding is required on the part of the advertiser their
creative development costs drop dramatically, which leaves more funds for them to
direct at their ad spend.

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