What’s in a DMA?

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What’s in a DMA?

I get asked a lot about what cities a given DMA (designated marketing area) encompasses. Sometimes a DMA covers a large area and others it covers a small,
highly populated area. There’s no real rule that says a DMA will hit a 50-mile radius around a given center.

The Solution: Google

No, I’m not going to be a dork and tell you to Google it. I am, however, going to point you to this fantastic DMA search tool on the
Google AdWords developer site:


Just type in the name of a city you’re interested in, click on Apply and it will give you its DMA code. Then press the Clear button, enter that
DMA code, press Apply again and like magic you’ll have a list of all other cities in that DMA! Of course, if you already have the DMA code from AdvertPro
we use the same DMA codes as Google so you can skip the first step and enter the DMA code.

Happy targeting! Didn’t know you could target ads like this? Contact sales to learn more.

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