Ad Server API – Infinite Customizations and Integrations

The AdvertServe Ad Serving API allows you to tap into a powerful ad serving engine while customizing aspects for your specific needs – perfect for automation, customizations, and 3rd party integrations.

Sample Use Cases

Style Your Own Dashboard

Create your own branded interfaces for customers to run campaigns, view stats, and change creatives, allowing you full control over what features you provide access to.

Customize Your Ad Designs

Dream up custom ad designs and styles, or let advertisers build their own, and then integrate with our dynamic media types to serve creatives and measure performance.

Automate Your Reporting

Integrate with AdvertServe’s robust reporting capabilities and send your customers automatic emails from your brand with updates on their account performance. 

How Does it Compare to Adzerk?

Adzerk is known for being a powerful ad serving API that can bu customized to fit your needs. However, AdvertServer offers several distinct advantages:

Price: Adzerk costs thousands of dollars just to get started. AdvertServe Pro welcomes users with every budget size, and offers API access right out of the box. Similarly, AdvertServe Pro’s CPM prices for ads served are some of the most competitive in the industry.

Interface: Adzerk is only an API. To work with it, you must build your own interface. AdvertServe offers you the best of all worlds – a robust interface with AdvertServe Pro, a simplified self-serve ad server with AVS Express, and an API to further extend their capabilities.

How does it compare to Google DFP API?

Working with Google DFP can be an extremely frustrating experience. Despite indications to the contrary, Google DFP seems to not offer API access or documentation in many cases, and provides very little actual support, especially for smaller customers. We pride ourselves in our excellent documentation and our stellar customer service. 

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