Campaign Competitors

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Campaign Competitors

Since the debut of AdvertServe it has been possible to set an advertisers campaigns
to compete with each other. You simply checked the Self Compete option in
the advertisers competitor settings and none of their campaigns would show on a
page at the same time. Nice and easy, yes, but this failed to handle situations
where you might not want all of an advertisers campaigns to compete with each

The only way you were able to deal with such situations was to break the campaign
out into a secondary advertiser account so you could make the two accounts compete
with each other, but that was never an ideal workaround because it split the advertisers
reports between two accounts.

By introducing campaign-level competitors, you now have a much more effective way to deal
with such situations when they arise.

How It Works

Setting up campaign-level competitors is very easy. As you might expect, they
can be set when creating or editing a campaign. We simply give you a list of
the advertisers other campaigns to select as competitors as you can see in the
following screen shot.

Campaign Competitors

So, here, I am creating a new campaign that I do not want to run on the same
page as Ford’s expandable banner campaign.

Final Thoughts

One thing to be aware of is that having the Self Compete option
checked at the advertiser-level will effectively override the campaign-level
competitors. The control panel will give you a warning about that though. This
allows you to seamlessly switch from advertiser-level competitors to campaign-level
competitors. Simply set up your campaign-level competitors and then go back and
remove the Self Compete option from the advertiser account.

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