How to Create a Wallpaper Ad for Your Website

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You may have seen a wallpaper ad before when visiting a website, they are impossible to miss, which is the point. A wallpaper ad usually appears on desktop devices only and takes up the entire background space to the left and right of the website.

A wallpaper ad basically brands the entire website around a current theme, making it a potentially extremely effective ad, and therefore one that you can charge a premium for. You’re most likely to run this type of ad campaign for a shorter period of time, think just a few days, as part of a “takeover” campaign that’s working to make a splash.

(AdvertServe also offers additional takeover style options which allow you to display multiple ads throughout one page from the same ad campaign to maximize the impact of each ad. More of that in a different post.)

A wallpaper ad is perfect for new releases, like a new product launch, a movie premiere, or an upcoming gala event. You can see a live example of a wallpaper ad here.

How to Create a Wallpaper Ad

Creating a wallpaper ad is easy in AdvertServe, it’s very similar to creating any other graphic banner. The main difference is that you don’t add code to your page like you would a normal banner ad, you add it to your site’s header and AdvertServe automatically places the right creative size on the page depending on the size of the screen has loaded the website.

Creating your media

  1. In your dashboard, go to your Media page and add a new media. Select which Advertiser this media belongs to.
  2. From the “Type” dropdown, you’ll scroll down to the “Wallpaper” option.

3. Your options will change below, allowing you to upload multiple banner sizes to correspond to different screen sizes. One single size is enough, but adding more sizes will ensure your ad gets seen on more devices.

Note that the way the wallpaper creative works, is you’ll have a single impage that spans the entire background of your site. This means you’ll need to factor in the width of your content area and sidebars of your website, ensuring that your actual creatives extend to either side.

The example of above shows how your creative will probably have a large empty area in the middle, where you content will go. The benefit of this approach is you can have different designs on either side of the page, which can lead to more creative options.

4. You then add the link you’d like the add to redirect to, and you’re done creating your media.

Note that AdvertServe offers the option to keep the wallpaper “sticky” even as the user scrolls down the page, or static, where the wallpaper will scroll out of view if the user scrolls down.

Adding a Wallpaper ad to your site

There are several ways to add your wallpaper ad code to your site using AdvertServe. You can do it with specific media, adding just that ad to your site; you can do it on the campaign level, allowing you to interchange multiple creatives within a single campaign.

The best approach though, is to create a wallpaper zone for your site. This will allow you to easily add new wallpaper campaigns to your site in the future without having to modify your site code or bother your webmaster or developer. You’ll add the code once and you’ll be able to control all your ads via the AdvertServe dashboard, at your leisure.

If you want to create a zone for your ads, head over to your Zones area in the dashboard, and create a new zone while selecting the “Wallpaper” option from the dropdown.

  1. To get the code to add to your site, visit the Code Wizard page from the top menu.
  2. On the left menu, go to the Wallpaper option and pick your desired code format. AJAX is a good go-to option.
  3. At this point you can define whether you want to create the code for a media, campaign, or a zone.

4. You’ll now be given the code to add to your site. If you’re using AJAX or JavaScript, you’ll have two code snippets, one for the header area of your site, and one to add anywhere on your page body (the very bottom of the page is a good spot for this). If you’re using the HTML version, just adding the code to the bottom of your site will be enough.

There you have it! You now know how to add a Wallpaper ad to your site and easily control the creation of new campaigns and adding them to your site, all from the AdvertServe dashboards. Wallpaper ads are a great way to make a splash, so go ahead and start grabbing attention.

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