Plagued by clickTAG Issues?

Plagued by clickTAG Issues?

Sound Familiar?

How many times have you put a new Flash banner campaign online only to find it is not clickable? Maybe it was clickable when you put it online, but days later you discover it's not tracking clicks because the advertiser embedded their link in the Flash .swf file. Did the advertiser forget to tell you they used clickTag rather than clickTAG? Unless you're extremely lucky, you've no doubt traded dozens of e-mails back and forth with an advertiser trying to help them get their clickTAG working correctly too many times.

Help has Arrived!

AdvertServe users now see the following prompt appears after uploading a Flash .swf file.

Automatic clickTAG Repair Prompt

Simply click the Yes button and your Flash .swf file will be tested in a real browser environment. If the clickTAG is broken or missing it will instantly be repaired. Since we've partnered with another company to provide this feature we will be charging $0.99 per file you choose to verify, however, we shouldn't need to convince you that this is a small price to pay to guarantee a working clickTAG with no hassle.

Wait... I have to Pay to Upload .swf Files Now!?!

No, simply click the No button and your Flash .swf file will be uploaded without testing the clickTAG. There is no charge for that. In fact, this is a good way to avoid paying the $0.99 fee if you already know the clickTAG works. What happens if you choose to skip testing and your clickTAG doesn't work though? In that case you will see a green check mark icon displayed to the right of the Flash .swf file name in the file browser. Simply click that icon and it will prompt you again to run the testing and repair the clickTAG.

It Really Works?

Yes, it really does! Here is a list of common problems that will be detected and fixed.

  • Embedded or hard-coded links
  • Using the wrong combination of ActionScript and Flash versions
  • Missing clickTAG button
  • Missing or broken clickTAG scripting
  • Using clickTag, ClickTag, etc... instead of clickTAG

Of course it's not limited to fixing just those problems. If an unknown issue is detected a new top layer with a working clickTAG will be inserted into the Flash .swf file. This allows the tool to fix anything your advertisers can throw at it!

We hope you enjoy using this new tool as much as we do. If you're an AdvertPro user, don't worry, this will also be made available to you very soon!

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