AdvertServe Q4/2015 Update

AdvertServe Q4/2015 Update

We are pleased to announce that the AdvertServe Q4/2015 update has been deployed!

HTML5 Banners

Uploading HTML5 banners created with Adobe Edge, Google Web Designer and Tumult Hype has been greatly simplified. The process is now as simple as uploading a ZIP file containing all of the HTML5 assets and entering a landing page URL. All of the HTML5 assets files are hosted on our CDN and we are also supporting the emerging window.clickTag standard for tracking HTML5 banner clicks.

If your advertisers send you a HTML5 banner without a clickTag we will automatically insert one for you, which mitigates issues with clicks not tracking.

For further details and a tutorial showing how to upload an Adobe Edge banner, please click here to learn more...

Custom Blacklist / Whitelist

You can now define your own custom blacklist and whitelist in the server settings. This enables you to extend our blacklist with additional IP addresses that you wish to block. You may also whitelist certain IP addresses that you want to exclude from being blocked. For example, we are now whitelisting Pingdom so you can monitor your zones if you wish.

Organization Macro

A new %%ORG%% macro is now available to users of our geo-targeting add-on and allows you to pass on a visitors ISP or organization name to third-party partners.

API Improvements

Our API now returns that campaigns and media are disabled or in the recycle bin if the advertiser that owns them has been disabled or deleted. This makes the API consistent with the behavior of our control panel. In addition, it reduces the number of API queries needed to determine if a campaign or media is active or not.


We'd love to hear from you. Seriously, don't hesitate to contact support if you have questions about any of the new features and improvements.

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