AdvertServe Documentation

Extensive information to help you get started setting up your first ads or configure advanced settings and requirements. 

From Beginner to Pro

Learn everything you need to know about creating an ad campaign, whether this is your first time using ad technology or you’re a seasoned pro looking for advanced features and integrations.

Get Started with AdvertServe

The first steps you need to get started with AdvertServe.

1. Overview

Learn about the user interface.

2. Glossary and Definitions

Understand the common terms used in AdvertServe and ad technology. 

3. Getting Started

A guide to your first steps in setting up your account and integrating with your website. 

3. Running Campaigns and Reports

Learn how to run your first campaign and generate reports on its performance. 

5. Best Practices

Optmize your workflow, stay organized, and get the most out of your powerful software with these recommendations.


Learn how to configure multiple targeting options.

1. Geo Targeting

Target your campaigns to specific locations, including zip code, city, state, country, and IP address. 

2. Context Targeting

Target your ads to specific areas of your site based on the content of those articles or pages. 

3. Keyword Targeting

Learn how to pass specific keywords to your ad server to target and report on. 

4. Custom Targeting

Expand the capabilities of your campaigns with custom parameters that you pass to the server to meet your specific targeting and reporting needs. 

5. Retargeting / Remarketing

Show ads to users who have visited a specific site or page on your own site or an advertiser’s site. Learn how to create custom audience segments and maximize the return on your ads. 


AdvertServe supports VAST and HTML5 integrations right out of the box for advanced creative options.

1. VAST Video Ads

Place video ads within your platform’s videos, before, during or after the content. Also integrates with 3rd party demand providers or as standalone video ads.

2. HTML5

Tap into the advanced creative options and advanced tracking and customization capabilities of HTML5 media files and API


Integrate advanced tracking options into your campagn to capture even more data.

1. Action / Conversion Tracking

Track specific actions taken by your users, beyond just clicks and impressions – including conversions and ROI tracking.

2. Advanced Click Tracking

Add advanced clickTag tracking to your HTML5 or Flash ad campaigns. 

3. 3rd-party Click Tracking

Track clicks on ads from 3rd party ad servers and platforms like DoubleClick, AppNexus, and many more.

API, Macros and Header Bidding

Maximize the capabilities and revenue potential of your ad server using these advanced features that may require more custom development work to implement.

1. API Documentation

Our well-documented API allows you to customize AdvertServe for a myriad of use-cases, including process automation, custom reports, and specialized dashboards. Read the API documentation here.

2. Header Bidding

Maximize the revenue from your demand partners by displaying ads from the highest-paying source

3. Macros

Pass dynamic content to your ad server via custom tokens that you pass through your a page’s HTML code or URL. Review the extensive list of options here

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