How to Create a Campaign in AdvertServe

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Below is a step by step guide to creating a campaign in AdvertServe.

There is a specific order to you creating your campaign, which generally runs from left to right on the top menu in the AdvertServe dashboard.

Here’s how it works:

1 – Create a new advertiser account. At the minimum, you’ll need to assign the advertiser a name and an email. This info can actually be used by your clients to log in to the dashboard and access parts of it. You can now associate new campaigns and media with this account.

2 – Create a new media element. You’ll first select which advertiser this media belongs to, and the specific type and size of the media you will be uploading. You then then select the type of creative you will be uploading, and then actually upload it (or paste in the code, if applicable). You can also define where the media will link to when someone clicks on it, and clearly name the media element so you can identify it easily in the future.

3 – Once you have your media associated with a specific advertiser account, you can then create a new campaign with it. The bulk of your settings will be defined on the campaign level, and it’s here you can decide how long a campaign should run for, limits on impressions or times of day that it runs, and add targeting parameters. Once you select which advertiser the campaign belongs to, you’ll then be offered all the relevant media files associated with that advertiser, which you can then link up to your specific campaign.

4 – The final step is linking your campaign to a specific zone. This will affect where on your site the campaign is actually run. The zones you can choose from depend on which media dimensions you have associated with the campaign. You can only link a zone to a campaign if you have the appropriate media file already linked to the campaign. For example, adding a 300×250 media to your campaign, will enable all 300×250 zones you have created for your site, to potentially be linked to your campaign as well.

As you can see, there are four main components to each campaign. However, since many campaigns are run for existing clients, you won’t be creating new advertisers accounts as frequently. And since most zones get defined when you first set up your account and integrate them with your site, you can accomplish the zone associations quite quickly. This means that the bulk of your campaign management will focus on uploading creatives and setting up campaigns.

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