Introducing: AVS Express


At AdvertServe, we’ve been building ad technology for over 20 years, and are always adding new features.

This time, we’ve built something completely different.

And we’re calling it AVS Express.

AVS Express is a simplified, easy-to-use dashboard that makes running ad campaigns a breeze. Powered by all the robust capabilities of AdvertServe Pro, it strips away most of the settings and lets you focus on the few actions you do most frequently – add clients, add campaigns, add media.

But that’s not all. In addition to simplifying the experience for your day-to-day running of your site, we’ve also added several great features to make the process of selling ads as easy as possible:

Integrated Billing

We offer the option to integrate your own Stripe credit card processing account into our dashboard and quickly bill client cards for their ad campaigns. We offer three different ways to price your offerings – per day, per impression, or per click.

Theoretical case study:

Brian has a new client who wants to place a 300 x 250 banner on his site for a month. Brian creates an account for the client and adds a new campaign to run for 30 days. The system calculates how much 30 days should cost, lets him quickly input the client’s credit card info into the checkout fields, and the campaign is instantly created with 30 days of credit applied to the campaign.

Self-serve Portal

Give your customers their own login to their own account where they monitor stats, update their media, or even purchase new campaigns. Our goal in designing this platform was to make it easy enough for non-technical users to navigate.

Interested in giving AVS Express a go?

Fill out the form below to schedule your own sneak preview of our demo, or email us at We’re actively developing this new platform and will be incorporating your feedback in the form of new features and updates.

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