Stalled Campaigns

Stalled Campaigns

Introducing Stalled Campaigns

Chances are that you might have noticed a new Stalled Campaigns tab on your AdvertServe home screen today and perhaps you're wondering what that's all about.

Criteria for Stalled Campaigns

In order for a campaign to be considered stalled it must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. The status of the campaign must be set to Enabled
  2. The campaign has received zero impressions since the beginning of the day
  3. And, finally, either one or both of the following conditions:
    • No media are assigned to the campaign
    • The campaign is not assigned to any zones

Intended Purpose

The intention behind showing you campaigns that are stalled is to help you catch problems that might arise from campaigns not being set up completely or being accidentally changed in such a way that all of their media or zones are removed. Many clients also like to set up so-called "placeholder" campaigns in advance of receiving creatives from advertisers. If you follow this practice, the stalled campaigns tab will serve as a helpful reminder that those campaigns are not running yet.

Good House Keeping

If you have been using AdvertServe for a long time I'm sure that you probably have a number of old campaigns that are now showing up as stalled. Although those campaigns may not be running any longer on purpose they are still enabled. This would be the perfect time to clean house and disable those old campaigns, which will also help reduce clutter and make it easier to work with your active campaigns.

We Can Help!

Should you have a really large number of campaigns that you wish to disable, please reach out to support as we can quickly assist you with this by utilizing our API to make such bulk changes.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you will find this to be another useful tool to stay in control of your campaigns. Have questions? Leave your comments below!

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